Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Autodesk University Recap

Autodesk University Recap

Autodesk University "is the place to go for professional Autodesk users who want to deepen their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and network with their peers. We bring together 10,000 attendees from the architecture, engineering, manufacturing, film and games industries for a 3-day learning event. "

There is a whole lot of information sharing at AU, and even if you did not attend, you can still benefit from the classes there, more on that in a minute. 

I'd first like to post a few pictures taken during the event. To show a little of the event, for those unable to attend. 

Hanging the glider, this was going on during setup. Read how Wills Wings uses CAM in a hang glider.

These were most of the Autodesk people involved with engineering and manufacturing, their job was to help you through out the week.

A composite Formula 1 trainer, products like TruNest Composites help with composite manufacturing.

These are the droids they were looking for. Of course with Star Wars Episode VII coming soon, everyone was in a Star Wars state of mind. The Makr Shakr is a robotic bartender designed with Inventor. Plus, for more CAD and Star Wars fun, check out NinjasandBits

Orphanage guitars uses Fusion 360 and has reduced the cost of a custom guitar from $10,000 to $3,000.

Naturally there were cars: First the McLaren P1

and if two brothers make a supercar

Or if you let two guys named Micky and Mouse let the program do the creative work, utilizing billions of data inputs from sensors, you get an interesting, yet optimized, shape. You get the Hack Rod.

I have plenty of pictures more, but I'll leave you with this, what if you actually asked your customers for input, what they do, what they need. Then you put those suggestions and needs onto large boards. Next, you place those boards in your offices, for developers and product managers to see everyday. It's a great way to remind ourselves to focus on the customer, and that's your Zen thought for the day. 
Design, Make, Use

Autodesk University Classes

If you couldn't make it to AU, but would still like to benefit from the classes offered there, many are available online starting December 15th. Follow the Autodesk Classes link to watch some great content.

I hope you enjoyed today's post, and if you ever have questions or comments, feel free to leave them int he comments. 

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