Sunday, June 11, 2017

Creating a martial arts practice knife - Part 3

Training knife - Part 3

In parts one and two, we design the knife, fixture and manufacture the fixture. Here is how we milled the knife on the fixture.

There are many ways the knife could be milled, remembering we are going from a rectangular piece of material. You could step down with small steps as shown below. At times the tool will be at 100% width, but the step downs would be small.

Milling with step downs

Alternatively, you could mill sideways into the part as shown below. This does not work well because it wastes a lot of time in the air, and it runs into the neighboring knife.
milling with stepovers 

We could select just the geometry needed, and do an adaptive clearing as shown below. Then follow it up with a finish contour. This is the most efficient method, and safest.
Adaptive Clearing
Finish contour

To see the video, you can watch it below: